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San Expedito

St. Expedito Saint Day April 19th

Please send your prayer requests to 

We welcome you to make prayer requests to Saint Expedito online or in our store. 

Amazing things can happen through Your Faith and the intercession of God through Saint Expedito.                     

Your requests will be prayed over and offered to Saint Expedito on your behalf. 

We will offer your petitions to Saint Expedito.

We at Botanica San Expedito wish you success in all your endeavors and thank you for your patronage.

Many blessings, Sarah Spiritual

St Expedito,
 I place my faith in your ability to resolve problems quicky.
May you assist me with all my needs through the grace of our Lord.
I ask you to grant me particular favor with ______
and resolve the matter without delay. May your name be spoken often,
 your miracles recognized,
and your blessings be ever present.
I ask this in the name of God.

The best day to petition St. Expedito is Wednesday. 

You may light a red candle (or yellow) candle on Wednesday in his honor.  An offering of a glass of rum with a slice of pound (he prefers Sarah Lee) is given with the promise of a full bottle of rum and a whole pound cake once the request is granted.  You may also offer him flowers (red) and promise to print his prayer in the newspaper. It is important to speak his name often and share the stories of his miraculous works.

Your prayer petitions to St. Expedito 

The following prayer requests for me and mom is as follows:  Please pray for continued healing throughout our entire bodies to receive 

(strength, vitality spirituality, and vigour). As well as a success for winning our court cases.  Thank you


We are welcome to receiving miracles for return to health and abundance.  Marti


Yes, I would like the following petitions heard: For the health and recovery of my mom ;For the health and well being of my boyfriend ; For the health and well being for my entire group of family and friends; For financial security for me and my loved ones.      Thank you. Carolyn 


Thank You. My petition is for great health, to be focused,grounded, love ,happiness
for my real estate bunisess to florish, and for peace, and to OVER COME MY ENEMIES .



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