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I will like to say of my reading expierence with Sarah spiritual! how exact and to the truth things are! everything Sarah says and do is definitely to help.  I have not yet been in doubt about anything I ask for a reading on! the answers are told and come to light, her advice to me and all! is one to be taken in spiritually, and seriously!  I have always search for the truth and will never see another reader as long as I can have readings with Sarah! she is  a very gifted spiritualist and cares about her clients. Many Blessings! Sarah, you are the light of my life!!!!!!!!!!  Love you and staff!


West Palm Beach

I was in your store last Saturday for a reading and you recommended several baths and a floor wash to help me.  I wanted to let you know I used the Ray of Light to clean my floors from the back of the house to the front.  I have not been able to do the other baths yet.  I wanted to tell you an amazing thing happended to me.  On Tuesday, I received unsolicited from my mortgage company a modification for my mortgage on my home which has saved me a great amount of money and lifted a huge burden from our shoulders.  I can not help be believe it is not related to the Ray of Light.  I wanted to thank you for making the recommendation to me.  I will be in your store soon.  Thanks again and have a wonderful day.

I wish to write for my Dear Angel-friend, Ms Sarah and thank you for all her words, so positive and constructive into my life. First time i visited Ms Sarah, I call to hear the angel, Ms Sarah gave me some Bible pages to read and i can not believe how powerful it is into my daily life. I feel peaceful and my Bible-sutdying is just growing every day with so powerful words from God and it is a real comfort for my problems. Please accept my Forever Thank you and my confidence is my tresure, i can never loose any more. THANK you Botanica San Expedito, Thank you Iemanja and the Angels.  With love. God Bless you.
I'm so happy I found your website. I've been looking for such products for a long time and its nice to know I can find them all in one place. I now have a new place to shop for all my needs. Thank you.

From: Nancy

I want to thank Sarah so very much. I am truly grateful a friend brought me to see her. I had not been feeling myself for many months. Her advice in her reading, the baths and the floor cleaner she suggested have made an immediate improvement in my life. I really was astonished at how quickly these "spiritual prescriptions" have helped me. I must say that within a few short weeks of meeting Sarah, I feel back to my old self and am so much happier. If anyone is need of Sarah's insight and help - he or she should not be hesitant to call. She has helped me a great deal and I am so thankful.

Sarah has been a Godsend to me.  I will never need another pyschic other than her.  Sarah came into my life at a crucial time and she gave me the advice, faith, and courage to break away from a person and situation that made my life miserable.  She is truly gifted and a gift from God.   She set me free.   I thank God every day for bringing her into my life and for everything she has done for me and continues to do.   I believe with all my heart that Sarah was put on this earth to help lost and troubled souls.  

I wish to thank you, Ms Sarah for your  Spiritual healing words into my life. It is
a real relief to hear so beautiful words and i am usually now to refresh my soul
almost every season with the spiritual blessings from Sarah's special blessings from
God. My peace of mind and my acts go with a different point of view. A lot
happines came to my life with all these blessing positive words. THANK YOU SARAH and
God Bless you and your family.
The happiest person on the earth.

It was a pleasure to meet you last Saturday when you and I had a session.  I have read my notes several times and I must say that for not knowing anything about me - you were definitely "ON IT" when it came to your reading.  I've never met with anyone like you before so while I felt a bit apprehensive - it was certainly a pleasure and time of enlightenment by the time my session was complete.  Thank you for your encouragement, your prayer (which really touched my heart) and the time you took to select a few baths for me.  I felt so inspired and uplifted after our session and had a great weekend thinking about your words.  You really helped me to understand and "put to rest" some of my questions regarding my recent layoff from Corporate America.  I truly believe my time was finished there and now I look forward to moving on and doing something full-time to help others.  It is not my goal in life to make lots of money (as money doesn't always provide happiness) - it is my desire to help others and heal hearts with love and compassion.  Thank you for directing me and helping me to get onto the right path.

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