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Nov. 2009

I am grateful for every moment on this earth.  I am grateful for the people I have in my life and those who are no longer in my circle. 

I am grateful for every laugh, every smile, every accomplishment and every loss.  I embrace the challenges which define my character, my disappointments, my pain, and even my tears, for they represent my growth.  I am grateful for my family, my friends, my colleagues, and my enemies for they are my life blessings and lessons. I am in awe and gratitude of this vast beautiful world.  It is truly amazing to see a sunrise in the horizon, an ocean wave crash upon the rocks, or a butterfly fly.  I stand in amazement of all that IS rather than what is NOT.  There is no reason to mourn which I do not have while greatness can be found in the simple moments.  I pray for simplicity of life, purity of heart, and I stand in grateful anticipation for abundance, love and goodness.

I thank you, my God.

© 2009 Sarah Spiritual

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I am grateful. Grateful for all I have. I believe I am grateful, yet I am I grateful enough?  Are you?  We are always happy when our requests manifest.  Are you happy when your prayers are not answered?  We are told, “You can’t always get what you want.”   Why not?  What is the true problem of our desires being met?  A major stumbling block is our inability to embrace the silence of prayer and the silence of the wait,  thrusting us to a mind-set of  frustration.  We feel our requests are reasonable, therefore why are our requests not met? Often we do not accept the time required for our life to unfold, as we have so methodically planned.  Are you grateful for the waiting time?  Are you grateful for the outcome regardless of the reply from the heavens?

May your life be blessed and may you pass life’s tests.

April 18, 2009

Time to petition St. Expedito for help.  His Saint Day April 19th is a great time to form or strengthen your relationship with his ability to provide speedy assistance. 

We have seen amazing things happen this year for many of you.  The faith and dedication to spiritual growth I have seen is inspirational.  May your paths continue to be straight, your burdens light, and your faith lift you when your soul feels weary.

Feb.8, 2009

I wish you Blessings for the New Year. 

For many of you the transition from 2008 to 2009 has been a challenging one.  Some of your personal issues remain unresolved and your concerns mount as time continues.  As we sit together in the reading room many of you ask the question, but How, Sarah will everything be ok?  Very often the answer you seek is less complex than you might expect.

Inadvertently, we create exactly what we do not want with our own thoughts instead of trusting we are not alone.  There is a force working for our greater good.  Our Guides, our Angels, our Spirit, our God all pulling together to answer us, to indicate a solution. Yet we find ourselves governed by our pride, our ego, our fear, other's opinions, and our judgement of others and this in turn prevents us from reaching our desired result.  At this juncture it becomes necessary to surrender.  This surrender elicits a sense of peace, a hope that someway our HOW answer will manifest at just the right time.  Being tuned into God's channel instead of our own personal  frequency can be quite a task in itself. So you ask, How do I know if this is my plan or idea or the plan God has for me? When you give it to your spirit, the How question, the When question cease to be the question.

They begin to not have the same impact on your daily exsistance.

I invite you to begin to embrace the possibilities that the HOW question can work just the way you need, at just the precise moment needed.

When you feel concerns mount and you are unsure, I invite you to ask your Guides, your Spirit to show you the best course to take.

Begin like this:

Talk not to yourself, or others. Talk to God, your Guides, Angels Your Spirit. Tell them your concerns. Tell them your desires,  Tell them what you think you need 

ASK them to show you what is best for you and the solutions neccessary to manifest the desired result.  ASK them to place the information before you and clear your way.  You may be surprised by the fashion with which the answers can come.

Now WAIT, yes this can be the most trying part.  It is the part where most of us falter, falling back to our fear. If you WAIT, it will come.  You will begin to see amazing results if you surrender to this basic yet powerful way of being. Remember our time and God's time may not always be synchronized however the answers will come.

I encourage you to email me and let me know your progress.

Here at the store we will be holding classes on How to contact and ask your Guides for guidance, along with many other topics.  The dates will be posted soon.  If you would like to be notified of our upcoming classes, kindly call the store and ask to be put on our upcoming class list and you will be contacted with our schedule. 561-682-0955

I invite you to visit us in West Palm Beach, Florida at our store or here online for more information, updates, products, and events.

It is our goal at Botanica San Expedito to bridge the gap between you and your spiritual connection.  We are committed to the spiritual empowerment of others and we have seen the faith of the smallest of mustard seed move moutains.

I wish you peace, love and light on your journey.



an excerpt from Sarah's book

The journey to one's self can be seemingly simple, yet for many it is a life altering experience.  Since birth we are bombarded with information, words, and beliefs of our families or loved ones. We are almost programmed to imitate all we see and hear.

During growth we develop ideas and images that often squash of our core self beliefs by seemingly well elders.  It is often at this juncture many natural or personal thoughts and feelings become squashed.  Yet, the journey to our true self continues. Our spirit once fresh and young with hopeful unabashed joy flickers within no longer fueling our driving self force. As the child become a young adult memories of past lives often come in forms of dreams or fleeting moment of familiarity so many of us refer to as Deja vu .  Some realize early on in life there is more, yet others continue the feeling of not belonging, we are living our life on others terms and conditions, not knowing how to feel complete. A sense of purpose, peace, fulfillment or intimacy is like chasing a butterfly on a summer’s day.

To find one’s self is indeed a journey and the busier we are in our lives the less time we have to breathe, feel and see the clues left along our road of life. We hit road blocks and we are left perplexed as to how our lives became out of control, far from our once young innocent dreams.

It often requires a series of setbacks or even life altering tragedies which force us to stop and reevaluate where and more importantly who we are.  As the flood gates open and emotions pour through our life force which sustains us, we struggle to push down our emotional energy, our inner spiritual core as we were trained early in life. We change what is tangible, our jobs, our spouses, our outward appearance.  We trick ourselves with money, trinkets, clothing, fancy homes or cars all in the hope of creating a “ life is wonderful appearance.”

Then one day, when you least expect, the inner voice screams erupting like a thousand year volcano begging to be heard, requesting permission to expose the you, the true you intended for this earth. It is those who listen to the pure messages of spirit and accept spiritual guidance that will begin to dissipate the madness and clear the negative fog before them.

And that is when your journey, which began so long ago can blossom and fill you with spirit.  To be filled with your spirit void of any preconceived labels or societal restrictions is to be one with your higher power.




Everything happens for a reason.  Our desires can be met in due time with modifications depending on our best interest.  You know the saying, “Be careful what you wish for!!!”  To live in gratitude, accept your responsibility for your current life and change your mind-set. Undesired situations come with lessons, and eventually, tangible blessings.  Embrace the blessings of your obstacles before they arrive. Look at your current life and see your blessings.  Blessings increase with the opening of your heart and your heart is your connection to a gratitude based life.

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